Spring ’21 meeting – 29th March – 1st April 2021 at the University of Leeds

Registration open now: http://www.bcaspringmeetings.org.uk/home

The Industrial Group has two sessions and a plenary speaker:

IG plenary: Marcus Neumann (Avant Garde Materials Simulation)

Chair: Helen Blade

IG/BACG: Crystal growth/pitfalls and challenges

Keynote: Adam Keates (Syngenta) 

IG Chair: Helen Blade / Natalie Johnson

IG/CCG: Control & prediction of crystals

Keynote:  – Dr Sten Nilsson-Lill (Computational Scientist, AstraZeneca)

IG Chair: Helen Blade / Angeles Pulido  

IG/BACG: Pitfalls and challenges in industrial crystallisation
The control and prediction of crystallisation processes is a challenge but vital in many areas of industry. This session will cover practical and computational methods that aim to link understanding with the development of control strategies and predictive approaches. Talks from the perspectives of crystallisation, solid form and characterisation will be welcome.
IG/CCG: Control & prediction of crystals
This session aims to cover a wide range of research used to control and predict crystals including both experimental and computational tools. Talks will be welcome for the control and prediction of solid forms, particle and mechanical properties, and will be open to researchers from a wide range of fields computational chemistry, informatics, solid state/crystallisation and materials science.